The Caretaker - A novel of Love, Money and Murder By Roi Solberg

The Caretaker

A novel of power, money and murder

While searching for her father’s murderer, Lauren Sobrantes develops an intense attraction to the estate’s new caretaker, a former Navy SEAL. But with killers on her trail, can anyone be trusted?

In the small town of La Lumbre, California, legend tells of the spirit of Dama de la Lumbre—the woman of fire—who protects the people of the town. But despite the legend, Lauren Sobrantes had experienced tragic family losses.

Lauren hides in England for two years after her father is murdered. But when someone makes an attempt on her life in London, she returns to her family’s estate. There she meets a wounded veteran, and a spark of attraction between the two soon turns into a passionate blaze as Lauren vows to discover the truth behind her father’s death.

When newly discovered evidence puts Lauren hot on the murderers’ trail, no one is safe from suspicion. With killers breathing down her neck and authorities eyeing her as guilty, can Lauren figure out who can be trusted before she’s silenced forever?
Determined to find out who has been sabotaging his business operations, Richard Sobrantes, an electronics industry tycoon, attends a secret meeting. His quest for information ends in his murder.

The day after the funeral, Sobrantes’ daughter, Lauren, narrowly escapes an attempt on her life. She flees California, takes an assumed name, and settles into a peaceful life in London. But after two calm years, Lauren is attacked again. Fearing she’s been found, she returns to La Lumbre, California, determined to learn the truth about her father’s death.

At the family estate in the mountains above Silicon Valley, Lauren meets the new caretaker, a former US Navy SEAL and crack sniper, Sam Gallagher. Immediately, sparks fly between Lauren and Sam, and the two quickly fall for each other.

As Lauren digs into the past, people from her previous life return harboring secrets and malicious intent. Despite her passionate relationship with Sam, lingering suspicions and a mounting trail of evidence leave Lauren unable to trust anyone around her. As the pieces of the deadly mystery fall into place, Lauren learns that her father’s murderers will stop at nothing to keep her quiet.

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